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Doing the dishes

A Fantasy by Oldsalt274

Your in the kitchen doing the dishes, your wearing a bra and slacks, I’m watching your butt cheeks wiggle as you move back and forth putting the dishes in the rack, I find I’m getting aroused, I silently remove my clothes and sneak up behind you and start kissing the back of your neck my hands holding…

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An hour of heaven in a Hotel Room

A True Story by Redheart822

It's been an incredibly long time since I've been touched by a man so I decided to take matters into my own hands and hire an escort. I searched online and found the one I felt most attracted to; Matt D. He was muscular in all the right places and had sensual lips. I prepaid, booked a hotel room and…


The Reward

A Fantasy by parrikeet

There had been a shipwreck. The only survivors were a boy and girl who had just reached their 20th year upon the earth. They made it to the beach, mostly due to the boy's efforts and collapsed on the sand. It was still dark. Quite some time had passed before they began waking up and feeling the…


Seduce my girl fantasy

A Fantasy by AWife4You

My Ultimate Fantasy. I receive a message from a guy that reads, 'Hey mate. I'm not sure if I want a blow from a guy yet. I'm married with a little one, but would love to be a friend? What are your stats...and your wife's?' I reply, 'Hey mate. I'm always up for a new friend. I'm 43yo, 183cm tall,…



A True Story by Kerryjames48

My wife was and still is a very beautiful woman and is still in great condition. 36c tits – 24 – 36 toned body and great ass. She trims her dark pubes into a nice triangle and was always wet and horny. She is bi and really has had some stunning lovers. Most of whom I also participated with. A great lover…

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Threesome surprise

A Fantasy by Oldsalt274

you knock on the door of my motel exactly like last time but you can see my disappointment when I see you brought a friend, you say don’t look so sad, my friend is just visiting and her marriage is sexless so this is yr lucky day, I cheer up st the thought of that. I close the door and you instantly…


Pub Fantasy

A Fantasy by AWife4You

Yesterday... I went down to my local pub, after work, as I usually did for happy hour. I was on my second beer, when I caught eye contact with this tall stocky guy, a few years older than me. We both smirked at each other. Then again a few minutes later, before he put his hand on the outside…

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The second step - Observation

A Fantasy by Primetime2020

Anita couldn't believe what had just happened, she agreed to go and do something that was completely out of character for her, but it excited her, her head was full of emotion, she felt it went against her moral standards, but she needed to explore more, who was this man she asked herself, she felt…

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Amourettes anale fase: De ontmoeting

A Fantasy by Amourette85

Tja, wat ben ik eigenlijk voor een vrouw? Ik ben 37. Ik heb een uitdagende baan, die me regelmatig in het buitenland brengt. Ik ben intelligent en breed ontwikkeld. Ik heb een rijk sociaal leven met fijne vrienden. Ik ben stevig gebouwd en heb maat 44, flinke curves en flinke billen. Ik houd van scherpe…

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Random phone call

A True Story by linenoise69

I got a random phone call asking if I wanted to hook up, I said sure why not. I head over to his place he tells me to come in and put the blindfold over my eyes and have my legs spread. As I am lying there I can feel his breath on my body as he runs his fingers up and down me and slowly heading towards…


After work surprise

A Fantasy by Tj7222

You want to surprise me one night when I've come home from work late. I walk into the bedroom to find you naked in doggy position with your chest on the bed and your head turned around facing me. You ask me to eat you. I drop to my knees and eagerly want to lick that pussy and ass. I cup both your ass…


Vluggertje in de Starbucks

A True Story by RobertJ65

Af en toe zit ik wel eens een middagje in de Starbucks te werken. Even wat anders dan altijd maar thuis zitten. Zo af en toe valt er nog wat lekkers te bekijken ook wanneer er weer eens een in strakke leggings of jeans gehulde studente of toerist een koffie komt halen. Maar, afgelopen vrijdag was bekijken…

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5 In a bed

A True Story by Sahzpete

5 in a Bed, We arrived at the house of Belinda and Jon, Belinda ticked us of the guest list at the kitchen bench, they hosted swinger parties every couple of months, they are both in there early sixty’s Belinda is 5 ft 1 in very pretty lady with very large breasts and a curvaceous figure that she…

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One for the road!

A True Story by ThreePussies

We have been married for three years and we have a very strong and loving relationship, Louise is my second wife and is twenty one years younger than me. Our relationship is built on trust. Previous to meeting me she had a boyfriend that she was very keen on, however he didn’t feel the same about her. He…

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Traveling adventures

A True Story by Oldsalt274

Travelling around in my caravan I get to this campsite a little later than I expected but not to crowded so all good, after I set up sit in the camp chair with a cool drink I look around see a couple sitting outside their van he seems enthralled in something on his I pad you look thoroughly bored, I…

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A quickie on the bike track

A True Story by Puddlypooh

I met him on another hook up site. He was only wanting a fuck, not something more. I truly appreciated his honesty. I hadn’t had a fuck in a few months so I was excited by this possibility. Neither of us could host. He found a place that might suit us for a night catch up. I went to the street near…


In love with my girl bit so turned on by random casuals

A True Story by Yumpussy69

I have a thing for randomly talking to women and somehow found my self very indulged by a dating site for hooking up with random women in my suburb. At first it was just a good feeling to think about Fucking random Pussy soon enough thinking about it and getting hard over it just wasn't doing it anymore. …

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Amourettes anale fase: lunchpauze

A Fantasy by Amourette85

De zoveelste saaie thuiswerkdag, gevuld met videovergaderingen. Middenin mijn laatste overleg voor de lunch, trilt mijn telefoon. Nieuwsgierig pak ik mijn telefoon en probeer discreet te bekijken wat er binnen is gekomen, zonder dat de anderen op het scherm mijn afleiding bemerken. "Maak je kontje voor…

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Meeting an amm member

A True Story by GrandPrix

Well i did not really expect much as she seemed like a older stay at home housewife who was dissatisfied with home life and wanted a bit of an adventure. We met down the road from her place and she came over to where i had pulled up....about 55 but looked a little older and wore nothing revealing or…


Late night hook up

A Fantasy by Tj7222

You come to my apartment one night after having drinks 🍷 with your girlfriends over dinner. You are a little drunk but not to drunk and desire pleasure as you know that I can satisfy this pleasure you seek. As I did not know you were coming I was a little bit surprised to see you but I can tell…