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It started with a wink

A True Story by Atticussapio13

Hello so Mya is the name, i'm a woman with the libido of a teenager, i have only recently had my urges awoken again recently and its not wide awake and cant get enough of what is called intimacy. I am always mistaken for a younger individual but i am rather older then i appear. I am only a short woman…

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Forbidden love at a nude beach - who but can resist?

A True Story by naturesfinest

Ok so he is thinking about the beach. But not in the present. A recent beautiful day when the sun owned the blue sky. The glorious anticipation filled the air as he stole a kiss on the track of expectation. They found the place on the beach where the next few hours of flirting and physical touching would…

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Pregnancy Risk Threesome

A Fantasy by powercouplevic

“A loving couple of over a decade have been exploring the Hotwife lifestyle but have found one guy who they both connected with on a deeper level than anticipated The have now decided to include the other man in their relationship as her boyfriend and with this they open up to the further risks which…

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My Valentine’s day present

A True Story by realmcCoy58

What did you receive for Valentine’s this year? My honey has great massage hands and for Valentine’s he said, “You’re booked in for a massage at 7!. Yey! I looked forward to his sensual, sexual hands. I went for a shower close to 7 and he came up stairs to say “It’s 3 minutes past 7, you’re not on the…


Pineapple Cocktail!

A True Story by Chivasss

Many years ago, I was staying at the Hilton Sydney whilst up there and in between meetings I parked myself in the lobby to do some work. Every now and then I would look up and I noticed a particularly elegant woman walk past me on her way upstairs. As you do, I acknowledged her with a smile. In the cause…

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Cum in.....

A True Story by Atticussapio13

The house was wide open and it was dim. A vulipcious big chested and big assed woman at the end of her bed. Big plump ass in the air. Her purple vibrator is stimulating her clit and her hole is hungry and wants some fun. The purple friend leads into her pussy hole fast untill dripping juices full…

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First Attempt

A Fantasy by 5am32u

Warm sunlight seeps in from the en suite door. He stands at the doorway watching his love in peaceful slumber. Moving gently towards the foot of the bed with a sultry look on his handsome face he disappears. From under the covers she feels the comfort of his beard and the warmth of his tongue gently…

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Meeting your new girlfriend

A Fantasy by lilith30

It’s been a few months since I’ve seen you. Our break up was amicable and the friendship remains. So we text and call occasionally to see how each other are doing, which is exactly how you invited me to this dinner to meet your new girlfriend. I’m excitedly getting ready to see you both. You told me…

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Summer rain

A Fantasy by lilith30

It’s a warm summer night with a good chance of rain. The thought of an evening with you has me buzzing with excitement. While I'm in the shower, I think about your touch and imagine you there with me, under that steamy water. As I wash my body, feeling every inch of it. I imagine your hands free to…

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The sea of erotic

A Fantasy by Atticusbliss13

The short and stout lady walking around sussing out the field. Her large soft breasts bouncing and her booty shakes by from side to side as she walks around looking at the fine sexy people around. Rose, was new to this environment and not use to do many eyes staring at her in such away. Now Rose, has…

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As I knocked on the door…

A True Story by Ureadynow2

I was u aware who if anyone would answer and didn’t want to wake anyone as it was very quiet and only 9am. Suddenly the door fled open with a beautiful middle age lady answer only wearing some slim fitting sports athletic wear which was not hiding any of her assets. I introduced myself and she hurriedly…

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Bathhouse fondle

A True Story by Algernon88

It had been a long time since I had been to the bathhouse but when I entered, it was warmly familiar. Bodies, some slender some plump but all nude, crowded around the lockers. I undressed, locked everything away, showered and went on my way. It was nude afternoon. It’s always fun to brush past naked…

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Dani's surprise

A True Story by funtimesaaa1

I was away in Sydney working for a few days and I had arranged for Dani to come visit me on the weekend. I booked a nice hotel and picked Dani up from the airport on Friday afternoon. Dani's birthday had been a few weeks earlier so I wanted to do something nice for her. I took her shopping, we purchased…

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My first time bareback

A True Story by TSSarahCollins

It was my first time barebacking with a guy and I felt a rush of excitement and nervousness all at the same time. I had been seeing this guy for a few months, so we had built up trust over that time, but it still felt like a big step to allow him to cum inside me. We were lying in bed after an intense…


Walking up the hill

A Fantasy by OldEnough2Know2

The hill behind my house is a walk I’ve taken a lot, in all weather but only once did it make me hot enough to go off. I walk mid morning, when the sun isn’t hot and there is still a chill, enough to make my nipples tighten. This morning, I was walking quickly, taking great strides up dirt track,…


Desperate for an encounter

A True Story by Mfriendwanted

I don't know what came over me yesterday afternoon. It's been some time since I'd been with my wife, so you could say that I may have been a little horny. But it could be something else. Anyway...before I did this, I needed some liquid courage. So I went to the bottle shop and grabbed 2 long…

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Great movie

A Fantasy by Backhome57

Sitting in the cinema, it’s pretty deserted but you come and sit next to me asking if I mind, I just shrug say no that’s fine, movie starts lights go down, the next thing I feel your hand rubbing my crotch, I look around nobody anywhere near us as I glance your way you smile and look down I follow your…

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Please continue this fantasy

A Fantasy by Sensualwant

....Facing each other we kiss , my hand on your neck. Softly caressing you behind your ear. My hands move down to your waist , moving your hair to the side I kiss your neck , your shoulders . Sliding my hand inside your knickers , i feel your wetness as my finger slips between your lips. I whisper…

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Onze eerste date met een extra man.

A True Story by Epicskills

Ik vergeet nooit meer hoe het begon. Mijn vrouw (E) liet altijd weten "geen polonaise met mijn lijf " te willen ondergaan. Tot ik een keer thuis kwam van mijn werk en naar de keuken liep om haar een knuffel te geven , terwijl ze aan het koken was , stond ik achter haar waarbij mijn hand ging richting…

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Last Encounter

A True Story by Fundation

Last Encounter It has been three years since we invited a guy to join us for a sex fun night as since Covid we stopped inviting any one as we were concern . Prior to that Adulmatchmaker had been a great part of our sexual fun for over 17 years during that time we invited 28 different guys and…