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A night at the Cinemas

A True Story by Macka9

I met this women 15 years ago , when I was up in Ipswich QLD . We spent the day together , on the 2nd date we went to the movies to watch a James Bond movie , we were seated right up the back not many people in the theatre . The movie starts and my girl friend starts rubbing my leg which naturally

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Corporate release

A Fantasy by toddvisage

I was aching for a release. Rather than use a toilet I wandered around the floor looking for somewhere suitable (after grabbing some tissues in prep). Luckily about a third is currently unoccupied, and I found an empty office. I ducked in, closed and locked the door. I moved to the side I'd be least

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Teasing the newly weds Part iv and last I've written so far

A Fantasy by JohnMurray4173

Relaxing we become aware of the squirming Erica. ‘Please Mistress, please. May I taste your pussy? She pleads. I look at Mistress Vicky and say ‘Well everybody has had at least some except you. Time for your fun I'd say!' Mistress Vicky looks at the writhing squirming figure of Erica and says


Sometimes the kindness of strangers can really pay off

A True Story by Ceejay1983

It was late one Friday afternoon, I'd finished work at lunch time and was having a few drinks. Then I realised I hadn't bought milk for my morning coffee. I really need my morning coffee. So instead of risking a drink driving charge i decided to walk to the servo which was only 4 blocks away. On my way

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Outdoor Fun a Fantastic Start

A True Story by Funfriends22

She was going away alone for the weekend. He had been invited but was unable to join her. However, he did have an opportunity to get to work a little late the day she was leaving, if she wanted that time. It had been too long since he'd last taken her, yes, she wanted it. His was the only car in

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work project

A True Story by IamNew329

I work in an office of about 80 people we are split into several teams all have separate team leaders Every once in a while we need to work on projects and the team leaders get together in and pick a person out of each team to work on the project this particular time I was chosen and another guy from


Ditsy Little Blonde

A True Story by Pleasureman2u

This happened about ten years ago. I was looking after the home unit of some friends of mine who were holidaying overseas, taking in mail, cutting the grass of the private little courtyard of the unit and trimming the hedge that made it more or less private. Occasionally I had seen this little blonde

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Candles, Rope and Honey

A True Story by JohnMurray4173

The following is an accurate description of the first session I did with my then sub girl Anna. It does not include any really extreme acts and is quite gentle. The scene... A bedroom, four scented lit candles, a four poster bed, four silk scarves, liquid honey, chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped

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Cuc beach fun

A True Story by Brendanforfun

I visit cobblers beach in Sydney a few times a year to get rid of the shorts tan lines and enjoy the price full serenity of the quiet location. Like any other time I arrived with my backpack of drinks food , towel and found a nice spot on the grass not far from the water. I stripped and went for


Nude Beach fun

A True Story by Premier7WA

For a number of years I have been visiting a nude beach here in Perth by my own. Initially i went to feel the freedom of being nude and to enjoy viewing all the different shapes and sizes of the people on the beach. Woman with small boobs, big boobs, woman with curves, athletic bodies of men and woman

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slide on in

A Fantasy by SerendipityMe

You knock on the door, a firm knock, no gentle tap. Good sign. I open the door and you take my head in your hands and kiss me deeply. Your hand shifts to my breast and grabs it firmly, 'mine' you growl in my ear. You had promised me this dominant side of you tonight and it was exactly what a I needed.

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Happy Birthday

A Fantasy by Adventurous177

I have an awesome fuck buddy that I have been seeing regularly for over two years. More like a girlfriend but without the title (her choice). I wrote this for her about 18 months ago and would love to facilitate this scenario for her. She is very bi-curious and loved this story. It has been six months

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unexpected wow

A True Story by hungcock8inch

hello my name is Rob I live on the central coast anyway I thought to myself I pop into the pub local an get a beer an through in 20$ pokies once it's gone that's it go home anyway playing away and I'm winning a bit an this guy said fuck I put a shit load in that an did nothing his name is Steve not his

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Teasing the newly weds part III .... In the shower

A Fantasy by JohnMurray4173

Anna walks them down the hall to our custom made bathroom. As well as a huge bath some 6ft long 4 ft deep, it has a huge shower area with three shower heads, one at normal height and adjustable. A second one on the opposite wall a little lower that can be made needle point, just the thing after a long

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What I’d do….

A Fantasy by VossQuinlon87

I'm imagining fucking you atm. You bent over. Arse perched up high. I'm holding both your wrists in one hand. Your hair with the other. Watching your plug wobble and you dripping, getting wetter and wetter. I want to feel my dick deep in your throat when you spin around to blow me. Then your on your

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Caught My Wife Cheating with BWC

A True Story by MFriendPlus

Because of lockdown, my wife lost her job. She’s not the kind of person to not have a job, because she gets bored very easily…and obviously she did. My wife is usually a bit of a sex addict, so when the sex between us slowed down, I did start to wonder. I wouldn’t normally wonder, because I’ma

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ownership.. submision .. confusion

A True Story by mattty987

I met her on one of these sites.. she said she was a dominant mistress.. i was intrigued and compelled.. with some more time i was drawn into her.. she really had power over me , even though i did not know her... never having even had cyber sex i was off to a secluded spot on the beach with mobile


He took control

A True Story by XXXFiles69

Like many of you I pop on to AMM from time to time and have conversations with other members to explore the possibilities of meeting up for adult fun. There are people who like to have many chats but are not ready to meet and others who seem to want to meet straight away. Like you I use my judgement

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My Pre Covid Experience

A True Story by MrHolmesNT

She was a manager of a restaurant, I was in town for business. We met on the dance floor - not in a classic pickup way, more of a natural awkward way. We talked over drinks until closing and I ended up on the back of a motorbike to her place. The chemistry was electric; I could feel her trying to conceal

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A blindfolded hotel encounter

A Fantasy by lilith30

I arrive at the hotel dressed exactly as requested. Hair done in your favourite style, lipstick that doesn’t wear off. I have my fingernails and toenails done exactly as you have specified. I wear a dress in a pale shade of blue, nude thigh-high stockings with the seam that goes up the back and