Mirjam was ongehoorzaam

A Fantasy by NaughtyCurls77

Je wordt wakker en terwijl je met de slaap nog in je ogen je benen langs de rand van het bed zwaait, kijk je op je telefoon. Een lichte tinteling door je lijf als je de naam in je titelscherm ziet staan boven het nieuwe berichtje "Meester Jan". Gelijk wakker open jij Whatsapp en lees je: "Je was ongehoorzaam!…


Holiday surprise

A True Story by Born2befilled

I walked back through the hotel lobby on the way back to the lifts after being sent to the shops by my wife to grab some things. ‘Level 13’ I heard the receptionist say to another gentleman as I walk past, thinking to myself, that is my floor, it’s a great view. I continue going to the lift and pressed…

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After a hard days work

A Fantasy by Deano5074

I draw a nice warm bath, putting some moisturising bubble bath and smelling salts with some red rose petals. Scattered all around the bathroom down the hallway to the front door to lead you to the bath. When you get home from work. I also have some nice little candle lights illuminating The bathroom…


Night out play room fun

A Fantasy by BigDomWolf87

We're heading out for the night going to see some live music, you've just gotten out of the shower you wrap a towel around your body and come into the bedroom. I'm sitting on the end of the bed waiting for you I look you up and down your hair wet standing there in nothing but a towel, (fuck you sexy…


Just Another Night at Saints & Sinners

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

I took Michelle to her second Saints & Sinners Ball. Upon arrival we stripped down to our party clothes. Me in leather chaps, boots and a black vest, my cock waving in the breeze and beginning to stir as I watched Michelle strip down to black stay-up stockings with black high-heeled boots and a red satin…


Watching me at the beach

A True Story by RosieBloom

I like to go on adventures, get out of the burbs and get lost in nature or absorbed by forests of trees or visit gardens, but mostly I love to reset by getting in the ocean. The thrill of the cold salt water on my skin is as you know one of life’s natural highs. The other kind of high that I really…

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A couple exploring some threesome fun

A True Story by Chris2537

True story! Myself and partner Tenica had invited a few mates around for a couple of drinks and BBQ. as the night went on and the drinks where flowing, the topics of threesome had come up. My partner Tenica has been curious in what it would be like to be with another women. Tenica has been known…


Met Mirjam naar de Kamasutra

A Fantasy by NaughtyCurls77

Na al behoorlijk wat online voorpret is het op 24 maart dan eindelijk zover.! Ik heb afgesproken met mijn stoute AMM-meisje Mirjam om samen naar de Kamasutra beurs in Utrecht te gaan. In een comfortabele jeans en linnen shirt sta ik buiten de jaarbeurs op haar te wachten, mijn jas los in mijn hand. En…


Lusting After

A Fantasy by Shamrock24

Her vagina was pulsing with absolute lust. The thought of her man bringing his lips down her body to gently bite on her flaps was sending her into overdrive. The moistness is building and her breathing is elevated. The vision of his cock hardening with her every breath is unbearable. She wants him…


First meeting from AMM

A True Story by WndringMinstrel

As part of my play, he asked and I agreed to write him a story. So here it is because spending time chatting on AMM is fun but every now and again one comes along that has that little something else and when that happens … POW … He was one of them xx I’d been chatting to a local guy for a while…


Orgasms on the subway

A Fantasy by lilmissvixen34

Standing on the subway I wanted you to be sitting in front of me, slide your hand up my leg, under my short dress and drag me towards you so you could slip your fingers inside me. With no Underwear in the way you have easy access, just the way you like it. You start by playing with my clit, making sure…


An afternoon spa and bedroom fun

A Fantasy by Kath37

“I think we should have a spa.” We’d been doing work on the house all morning, and were now sitting having lunch. D had been plastering, which he hates, and it wasn’t going well. “This is shitting me. I couldn’t be fucked doing it right now. Let’s go and have a spa.” How could I resist? I’d…


Birthday gangbang

A True Story by Dav129

The last few years I’d jokingly (even though I really meant it) told my wife for my birthday I’d like her to have a gangbang. I hadn’t pushed it because you don’t do that with her, it doesn’t work. This year we were meant to meet a girl from here at a hotel nearby where there was a meet and greet…


New Friends Hotel Room

A True Story by NandMwant2play

We arrive at our new friend's hotel room and on arrival he offered us a drink and all 3 of us settled on a beer. The TV was still on a football game was playing with the volume turned down. We all sat on the couch still wrapped in our towels, my wife in the middle and we sat chatting while we enjoyed…


Our first time

A True Story by LiamNLina

So our first time together was an interesting experience, we had both come out of bad relationships and kind of leaned on each other for support for recovering. After a couple of weeks of phone conversations and catch ups with mutual friends I invited Lina to my place for a movie night. Things started…


A Kinky Marriage

A True Story by BoerEnVrou

The shower head shuddered as he shut off the cool supply of cleansing spray and started to towel himself dry. At forty-seven he nevertheless still cut an impressive figure. Standing a couple of inches shy of the golden six, his body was characteristic of the broad-shouldered, barrel-chested and muscular…


Hot Threesome of Sexy CD Playing Men with BBW Wife

A True Story by JustOne4more

A quiet Saturday like many others, I thought I’d have a quick look on AMM before settling in for a likely uneventful day of watching finals football. How wrong I was! Pretty soon I was chatting to a lovely couple Rowan & Nina. Both were lovely and explained that after previous marriages that were quite…


A Glory Hole Experience at Gay Icon Nob Hill

A True Story by JustOne4more

The United States of America is a country that I have loved to visit over the past decade plus. It’s unlike just about every other place I’ve ever been, but also incredibly familiar at times too. The people are fun, the cities are full of life, and it really is a great place to explore yourself. My…


Lazy night in front of the tv

A Fantasy by QuietDan1968

Both of us sitting on the couch watching some tv and you decide you want to lay down so you grab a cushion and put it in my lap and lay down placing your head on the cushion. I start to play with your hair running my fingers through it and massaging your head, running my fingers through your hair like…


Stranger sex is the best sex


I was just getting out of the shower when he knocked on the door. Wrapped in only my towel, I stood there at the door with him staring at me through the screen. We had chatted a little on line and I was not expecting him to turn up. We stood there in silence and I began teasing my nipples. He slid the…