Naughty Next-Door Neighbour

A True Story by BraveNewWorld91

In 2013, I purchased a house in a relatively new subdivision in the southeastern suburb of Pakenham. The house was a stock standard, two-story 3x2 that looked like every other house on the street. My next-door neighbour was an odd one. A slim, tall brunette, Sasha was a tomboy with a lazy mohawk…

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Last minute message

A Fantasy by UnMeLetsB

I lay wake unable to get back to sleep, so I log in to read some stories. Its about 4 am on my last morning before fly home. I'm disappointed I didn't hook up while I was here, when I get a wink. I look at her profile, and wink back. She messages me, extremely short message, just her number and an address,…


Fun With A HotWife

A True Story by YourIndianSpice

The title sounds so hot and sexy! But this lady is more than just a HotWife, she is remarkable, kind, loves God as much as I do. But I never expected we'd develop such a strong emotional connection. We are both church girl and church boy, but we share similar views on life and the world. Yes she is married…


Horny Older Blonde Next Door

A True Story by Pleasureman2u

I was sharing a unit with two others when I was in my late twenties. There was this bottle blonde (as my flat mates called her) next door. You don’t hear that term anymore or I don’t anyway. It was as if women with coloured hair were losers whereas these days it’s pretty much a fashion statement. Anyway,…


An orgy to remember

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

Vicki and I were at Debauchery's orgy. We had just arrived and changed into our play costumes, I was naked and Vicki (V) was in her “I'm here to fuck” uniform of black stay-up stockings and thigh high black leather stilletto fuck-me boots. There was very little happening and it crossed our minds that…


Swinging on the Sunshine Coast

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

Vicki and I were at a swingers' party on the Sunshine Coast with about thirty other people. We were laying on a double bed, me naked and Vicki in her “I'm here to fuck” uniform of black stay-up stockings and thigh high black leather stilletto fuck-me boots, only. Vicki was kneeling across the bed sucking…


The Pool Boy's Message

A Fantasy by BraveNewWorld91

Several years ago, I came out of a distressing relationship. Reluctantly single, I devoted many hours down the local swimming pool to burning excess energy. However, laps are an isolated sport, leaving one to their thoughts as they plough through the water. Not knowing what my next move in the dating…


The get away!!

A Fantasy by AlJamie

We arrive at a sub secluded cabin. It’s long with kitchen at on end, moving across to the dinning then there is a double side fire place, of which the living is on the other side which flows to a king size bed. Just beyond the bed is a free standing marble bath. The east side of the cabin is…


First time anal becomes DP and shared online

A Fantasy by anonymous37

I arranged to meet a man who is not only focused on what he wants but makes sure that I am enjoying myself too, foreplay is more than saying "take your clothes off" and expecting to get sucked as if that is the only thing on the menu. I want a man who will suck my nipples, and listen when I tell him…


My First MFM

A True Story by KP1719

I would like to share my first MFM experience with you guys…!!! My dick got hard while writing the story, hope you all like it. Well I met this couple on AMM before pandemic. Couple of texts over the app and they invited me to their place the next day. I was a bit reluctant as it was my first time…


The Busty Bosnian Returns

A True Story by BraveNewWorld91

I awoke on Sunday slightly groggy from an excess of alcohol but with a raging hard-on as I recalled the filthy exploits of the night before. Milika and I tentatively agreed to meet again today, so I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed my phone. Sure enough, she had sent me a text thanking…


A gang bang of delight

A Fantasy by Puddlypooh

I sat on the end of the bed. Hands clasped together in my lap. I took a couple of settling deep breaths, which failed to settle me. I wanted this, but because it was now real I was questioning it. I’d met up with John a few days ago to discuss what I was looking for and what I expected to happen.…

What happens after the club

A Fantasy by

We'd met at the nightclub. She was on the dance floor, tearing it up. Once I'd seen her everyone else was just fuzzy. And I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was wearing a black halter neck, low cut to show off her perfect back. From the front she had a slit in the middle, that gave just enough view…

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Thank you, Sir

A Fantasy by Mid40married

I storm through the door, slamming it behind me. It’s been a shit of a day and the traffic didn’t help. I see you peek around the corner, trying to gauge my mood. After I take of my jacket and shoes you quietly walk up with a glass of scotch, pass it to me and kiss me on the cheek, trying not to make…

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A secluded interlude down by the river

A True Story by Mid40married

Down by the river. We park in a secluded turnout, off the main road. You grab the rug as I hoist the picnic basket out of the boot. Hand in hand we wander down the desolate path that leads to the river. As the thick undergrowth gives way to the gentle sloping river bank my p ulse quickens. Dizzy…

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Op de beurs

A True Story by MarkDarcy3

Een paar jaar geleden stond ik bij bij mijn Russische distributeur op een stand. Voor meerdere merken was er een vertegenwoordiger en één van die vertegenwoordigers was een knappe lange en blonde Russische vrouw van begin 30. In een strakke en korte zalmkleurige jurk. Vanaf het eerste moment dat we elkaar…

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Our first night!

A Fantasy by Lookng4U

I lay asleep in my king sized bed. It's late and as per our messages you come up to the door and open it quietly, you walk into my room and begin to undress and you climb into the bed with me, snuggling up close and wrapping your arms around me. I stir and roll over to face you. I lean in and kiss you…


50 shades of grey

A Fantasy by Allnewtothis77

It's starts off with you welcoming me to your front door, you put your hand around my neck and give me a nice soft kiss and put your other hand on my hard throbbing cock 🤣, I picked you up and dragged you to your bedroom, we slowly removed each other's clothes and I made you lay on your stomach to…

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Milf needs some extra action in that hole with a threesome

A Fantasy by SydneyWife

The always unsatisfied Milf starts foreplay with the guest man as the Husband is on his way home. As she is always into being locked and sucked and returning the favour so as they get undressed the big breasts get squeezed in between the nipples taking turns being sucked on until she tried to grab his…


The catchup

A True Story by JandA8283

We had taken a little bit of a break over the past few months during the colder months but I found myself getting really turned on at night and I know my wife was keen to maybe catch up with a few more men as we had experimented a few months beforehand and while the experiences weren't overly fantastic…