Our first threesome experience

A True Story by Senor.Senorita

I wanted to share how we found ourselves having our very first threesome, which kind of turned into a foursome. My wife and I have been together for 24 years and married for 14. We started dating in school. We've always been crazy about each other, we have a very strong bond, and what I would consider…


Mid morning fuck

A True Story by Kelly0802

About 12 months ago I received a message on AMM from an Asian lady from Geelong who said she needed a fuck in front of her husband who was a cuck. This was about midnight and they would drive from Geelong to Gisborne as soon as possible. I told them my address and when they arrived my front light…


Valentines Day Fantasy 2024 - Can it come true?

A Fantasy by FlirtyMasseuse

Some parts are true but largely this is a fantasy that i dearly crave Aspects that are true : 1. I am self employed do general repairs and maintenance work and many of my customers are sexy and curvy milfs that arouse the senses 2. There is “tension” between regular customers , it’s hard…


The Stationary Person

A True Story by Pleasureman2u

At a place I worked about 25 years ago (time flies when you’re having fun…..and even when you’re not) there was a woman who I seem to remember was classed as the “office manager”. She organized the flights, travel arrangements and accommodation for various people who didn’t have the time and she also…


Saints & Sinners Just Keeps Giving

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

Vicki and I ran into Barbara and John at Saints & Sinners at the Metro. We played with them regularly at Debauchery so it was no surprise when Barbara walked up to me, grabbed my cock, got it hard, turned around and put it between her legs so that she could slide her wet pussy lips up and down its…


Things to cum!

A True Story by NaughtyScarlet

It was late afternoon when Master G messaged me and said go to AMM immediatly my horny slut, see the latest wink you have recieved. I think you will be greatly pleased! I logged on and excitedly checked the winks I'd recieved, and there he was, a gorgeous African man who we will call Z. I quickly…


Jill’s Island: The story of castaways and a 3 hour tour

A Fantasy by EveningAngel

“Call me Jill." "Some years ago, it doesn't matter exactly how long, I had little money in my purse and having no real desire to go back to college, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery parts of the world." "My real name is Gillian. I was named after the star of the X Files. I'd…


A Prickly Situation

A True Story by Pleasureman2u

There is nothing particularly exciting about this story, just a few aspects of it made it worthy of telling. I had been a member of AMM for a few years and had met up with a few women that I stayed friends with. One of these women was a good deal younger than I was by about twelve years. She was a…


The start of threesome fun

A True Story by Funcoastie

To say I was nervous is an understatement, but as soon as I open the door to J he introduced himself and made me feel at ease. Walking into my kitchen I got him a glass of water, he walked over and asked to see and feel my nipples, as let’s face it I have nice pink good sized nipples that love to be…


My Wife's Pleasure is Satisfied

A Fantasy by studforcouple

Our story is about a romantic holiday to Paris to celebrate our 25 year wedding anniversary. We attended a house party from an invite we received from the good looking guy working at the coffee shop near our hotel. At the house party, we noticed lots of younger good looking guys and girls. In one…


Hot Wife - A wife sharing true story

A True Story by Diegohd

My partner and I had already played with guys before and had a great sexual relationship with one friend already. There was another friend who we'd been flirting with. He called us one night and we said come on over. As soon as he arrived I received a call and had to walk out of the room. Within minutes…


Owned at last

A True Story by NaughtyScarlet

This is the story of the first time Master G and I met in person. The first time we stood face to face. The first time we touched, first time we kissed. The first time we fucked and I truly became his. I met Master, who I will refer to in the rest of this story as MG, online and from our very…


Eerste wip van het nieuwe jaar

A True Story by Enjoys

Wat zijn je plannen met de jaarwisseling? Het appje komt rond een uur of 11 in de ochtend bij mij binnen.. Nog niks concreets, hoe het er naar uitziet zit ik waarschijnlijk gewoon thuis! Kom je anders naar de vuurwerkshow, wij gaan die bekijken, kunnen we wellicht daarna nog wat leuks doen! Ik ga kijken…


Stepping outside the comfort zone

A True Story by Jordantate

The setting was a hotel room near the airport. A sexual encounter with a woman who had recently ended a 20-year relationship because her partner had lost interest in her sexually. She expressed a desire to explore her sexuality and embrace new experiences to me, to which I was more than happy to obliged…


Fix my oven please?

A True Story by ScarySeducer666

After I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was the man I hadn't met. Only spoke to on the phone. An immediate connection was felt. Crap! I'm filthy. I've been cleaning the floor. My white singlet. Wet. Dirty. Transparent. I opened the door. Looked up and he was aesthetically pleasing. It appeared,…


Watched by her husband

A True Story by Sutherland56

We had met at a cafe in the inner suburbs after she answered my advertisement for a married woman who needed more sexual satisfaction than she was getting at home. A short walk and conversation had been enough to satisfy her that I was the sort of man that she was looking for. She had discussed me with…


The Piano Teacher

A Fantasy by FinallyFreeToBe

I've decided to take up swimming laps to really try and get my figure to where I want it to be to feel sexy and toned when I dress up, so I sign up for a month at the local pool to see how I go. After finding out just how swimmingly unfit I am in my first session, I hit the showers to rinse off. There's…


Railed In A Sundress

A Fantasy by FinallyFreeToBe

This is a recurring fantasy I have had over the years that I've put to the back of my mind forever as I haven't 'allowed' myself to speak, accept it makes me hot, or write it til now :-) I've booked a solo retreat in the countryside, somewhere I feel like I will be able to have some real privacy and…


Master spoils his naughty girl!

A True Story by NaughtyScarlet

Master G is very considerate of my needs and would never make me do anything I do not wish to do. We share the same desires and even though some of those desires can be a bit beyond my past experiences it gives me the greatest pleasure to see how happy it makes my Master when we play out our fantasies…



A True Story by Peter1936

This a true story, years ago mate of mine Paul asked my wife Lyn if he could have a threesome with us and keep it a secret from me Peter ,till the right time then one hot arvo you all had a few drinks and I went to the men's room, when I came back, Lyn had Paul's cock out, and was giving him a hand job,…