The surprising ways you can orgasm

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We don’t need to tell you that orgasms are amazing. But did you know that some people can orgasm without any direct sexual stimulation of their genitals? Just one more thing which Freud got wrong apparently! Here are some of the surprising ways you can orgasm.

Nipple orgasms

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at which areas of the female brain “light up” when different parts of the body are stimulated. The areas tested in the study were the clitoris, vagina, nipple and the big toe (for comparison only). The study found that nipple stimulation activated the same areas of the brain as stimulation of the clitoris and vagina - the genital sensory cortex. So it's not surprising that some women find nipple stimulation to be pleasurable and that they can climax from it. This might also explain the appeal of nipple clamps and breast play with a violet wand.

Zonal orgasms

Nipple orgasms would actually fall into this category but zones are not limited to nipples. Some people might orgasm when their partner nibbles their ear, or bites their neck or runs their fingers lightly over their thighs. It's basically targeting “your” erogenous zones and, of course, everyone is different.  This is where sensation toys, whether soft like a feather or hard like a flogger, often come into play. It’s especially common in BDSM play where a rhythmic spanking or flogging can often bring the submissive to an orgasmic state. 

Exercise orgasms

The exercise-induced orgasm or commonly referred to as coregasm is real, and around 1 in 8 women and 1 in 10 men will experience it at least once. A 2011 study to assess women's experiences of exercise-induced sexual pleasure found that abdominal exercises, climbing and lifting weights were the most common orgasm inducing exercises. We were surprised that Pilates didn’t get a mention with all that pelvic floor work activating your transverse abdominus and PC (pubococcygeus) which is the deepest pelvic floor muscle and largely responsible for the amount of sensation that a woman feels during intercourse. 

Sleep orgasms

Men are not the only gender to experience wet dreams, or nocturnal orgasms, which we explained in an earlier blog article. A 1986 study which looked specifically at women found that 37% of the women in the study reported they had experienced a nocturnal orgasm, and 30% reported having had one in the past year. This is backed up by a study by Kinsey in 1953 which found that 40% of women he interviewed had experienced one by the time they were 45. 

Tantric orgasms 

Tantra is a spiritual practice working on a combination of energy and consciousness, and tantra devotees describe tantric ecstacy as experiencing pleasure in your body and your mind simultaneously. I've actually experienced this at a bdsm play party where I was using implements to create sensation on the sole of someone's foot while he practiced conscious breathing. Bang. Orgasm. Quite mind blowing. But keep in mind the aim of tantra is not to orgasm, but to intensify the connection between you and your partner. The orgasm, especially in this instance, was a bonus. 

Orgasm control 

I don’t have any scientific studies to back up this one, only anecdotal evidence. I was friendly with a BDSM couple who were in a Master/slave dynamic. Their connection was so deep that if he pressed a certain spot (from memory on her hand) she would orgasm. Might be awkward for hand holding in public. This is similar to the “orgasm on demand” where a submissive is forbidden from orgasming until given “permission”. In fact the Dominant partner has a choice of denying, ruining or forcing orgasms on their submissive who often undertakes orgasm control training. 

Foot orgasm syndrome

Foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes and toe sucking is popular but can it make you orgasm? The Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California once suggested some people have foot fetishes because the part of the brain that processes the sensation people get from having a foot fetish is close to the part that registers genital stimulation. 

Also there have been a small number of reports of foot orgasm syndrome which is the feeling of a sexual orgasm in your foot rather than foot play resulting in an orgasm. 

Spontaneous orgasms

Spontaneous orgasms simply occur without any sexual stimulation – either physical or sensory. Wet dreams are the best example of a normal, physiological form of spontaneous orgasm. But for the people who experience them it can be distressing and embarrassing rather than pleasurable, as it's not something they have any control over. The reasons they can happen are diverse but include spinal cord lesions, psychological causes and even medications. Spontaneous orgasms have been associated with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder but also may have no trigger or may be triggered by various non-sexual acts such as urination, anxiety or panic attacks. If you experience spontaneous orgasms in your waking hours it might be time to speak to your Dr especially if they are causing you distress or affecting your day to day life. There’s also evidence that some women experience orgasm during vaginal childbirth.

So there you have it, the weird and surprising ways our body can lend itself to pleasure. But everyone is different. Our bodies are different. The way we experience orgasms is different. So it’s all about learning about ourselves and our partner/s and looking forward to that sexual release that’s like nothing else. Go forth and orgasm. You deserve it.


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  • Sh31sHav1ngFun


    More than a month ago

    As a sapiosexual, i can orgasm with just my mind.... talking to someone with no touching what so ever.

  • Newday2play
    Online status icon


    More than a month ago

    And the most common orgasm is ?
    ( drum roll ) ...DIY masturbation ! Lol

  • Pmdelight4u2


    More than a month ago

    No surprise really..

  • KinkyGirl101


    More than a month ago

    I've heard of sneezegasms - does anyone know if they exist?

  • Darkstud


    More than a month ago

    I have noticed that some females like being played with their arse. They get so turned on when I insert a finger in their arse hole and rotate that leads to a squirming orgasm.

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