Ouch! Can you really break your penis?

Cartoon drawing of a skinny man in boxer shorts holding his groin

I'm guessing at one point or another in your life, probably when you were a bit younger than you are now, you've wondered if maybe there's an actual, real bone located in the penis. 

I mean, we call erections "boners", having sex can sometimes be called "boning", and every now and then you might have come across the confusing term "broken penis" and questioned everything you thought you knew about basic human anatomy. 

The short answer is no. There is no real actual bone in the human penis (although millions of years ago, before humans split from apes, there could possibly have been one - a bone in the penis called the baculum - as many primates and other mammals still have one... But I digress) but yes, you CAN break it, and it is everything as ouchy and as cross-your-legsy as you're imagining.

What is a broken penis?

As I've explained, a 'broken penis' doesn't actually involve bones. It's medically known as a penile fracture, and happens when an erect penis experiences a sudden and forceful bending or snapping. This usually happens during vigorous sexual activity, most commonly when the penis slips out and accidentally slams into the other body, and results in the rupturing of the fibrous covering of the cavernosa and the tunica albuginea vessels. For all of us who aren't doctors, these are the things that make up most of what we know as "the penis". It's blood vessels and erectile tissue and muscle fibres, etc. and when it's bent forcefully and suddenly it can "break".

It's often accompanied by popping sound, immediate pain, swelling and colour changing of the penis itself, and sometimes even blood. (I'm sorry, guys. I told you it was cross-your-legsy.)

What do I do if I break my penis??

Make absolutely no mistake. As embarrassing or private as you may think it is, this is an emergency medical situation and must be taken very seriously and treated very quickly. Get to the closest emergency room as soon as you can.

You will most likely require at least a small amount of surgery to repair the damaged tissue, and in some cases there can be long term care and medical treatment needed. If left untreated, or not treated properly, it can have severe effects on functions like urination and ejaculation, and can impair sexual function and enjoyment for the rest of your life.

How long will it take a broken penis to heal?

It really depends on the severity of the damage, but after treatment, it is essential to allow sufficient time for proper healing and recovery. Doctors typically advise refraining from sexual activities for 4-6 weeks to avoid any complications, and many patients elect to wait even longer. Taking all the prescribed medication, and following professional advice is crucial during this time to ensure successful recovery. Don't jump the queue or think you know better or have "just a little quickie" or anything like that. It's not worth it. Remember the ouchy-cross-legsy. 

Will I be able to have sex again if I break my penis?

Yes. Yes you can. It might take a while to gain the confidence to get as slam-bam as you were before,  but you can and will be able to have sex again. For those of you reading who have never had the experience and are now maybe a little scared of having sex just in case you may experience it, don't stress too much. It will totally ruin your mojo, and life is far too short to spend it worrying about things that "might" happen.

Always take care of yourself and the people you play with. Listen to your body. Listen to theirs. Always remember to get and give enthusiastic, informed consent, and happy fucking, my friends.



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  • Jimmy69Recard


    More than a month ago

    Braking of the penis, although not considered common, actually is the most common penis injury. The reason the penis doesnt receive a lot of trauma, other than sex is because its quite protected and only occurs with an erection. Bursting of the dorsal vein is the most common complication.
    From my own experiences, i can remember having unwanted erections, mainly in public. Trying to avoid embarrasment pushing down on it and it would click. This was more akin to cracking your knuckles. Even when it occured during sex, full body in the air, slamming down on my tackle. I needed only a couple days to recover. But looking at some of the surgical photos online, i definitely dodged a bullet.
    As for pain, well we all know men handle pain better than women. They may say " well you try giving birth". Well it doesnt stop you having more. And true breaking your todger wont stop you wanting sex. Everyones experience is different and thats why if you do experience or think you may have broken your man meat, go to the doctor..

  • Sheriiandan


    More than a month ago

    Haven’t broken my penis but have cut the banjo string before that’s like a massacre so much blood and splitting like crazy

  • fitbro


    More than a month ago

    I broke my penis I had swelling and peeing blood it just heals it self

  • Mangotango74


    More than a month ago

    Did it when I was 19 at a group party, really painful, not as painful as the discussion I had when my father had to make me go to the family doctor, explaining that I was in a group sex environment, after knowing her for 15 years was excruciatingly embarrassing, still I recovered and enjoyed life

  • Imherenow62


    More than a month ago

    Well I think that 99 percent of people will know that , we don’t have a bone there , specially the ones who did anatomy in hight school ,

  • uptonogood3333


    More than a month ago

    Yep you definitely can I broke my years ago it is all good now all healed up it's got a Bend to the left not too bad but it is actually been a benefit but be very careful when you're doing long strokes very hard and fast so you're pulling it all the way out and driving it in really hard especially tiny girls because if you miss I can tell you it is very painful

  • sureofit


    More than a month ago

    I know this can happen for real because in my younger days I was having a sexual encounter with my partner and I was on top and and in the midst of the enjoyment and going pretty hard so as to get deep penetration as I lifted my leg moved and I can down on his penis quite hard and we actually heard the snap … it was about 8 weeks before we could enjoy sex again properly

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    I have heard of this phenomenon but luckily it seems to be a relatively rare occurrence.

  • Darkstud


    More than a month ago

    Useful and informative article.
    I am fortunate to not have any penile fracture so far though there have been one or two near misses during sex.
    Never realised the penis could actually break and it needed to be treated as a medical emergency.
    Thank you Eva for the enlightenment.

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