What is anal training?

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Anal training is pretty much what it sounds like, a slow and steady way to get yourself butt-ready for anal sex, or indeed any other sort of anal play.

The thing is, as we've mentioned many times before, unlike some other orifices penises like to go inside of, the butt is not naturally designed for insertion and therefore needs a bit of extra work and care to make it ready for you and your partner to fully enjoy. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to anal play, or if it's something you indulge in regularly, getting your butt flexible and comfortable with insertion and other types of play is super important if you want to indulge regularly and with the most pleasure. So let's get training!

Booty Camp

Alright, cadets! Heads down, bums up! Let's get your butts into gear! You can work out by yourself or with a partner, but remember if you're with a partner, consent matters most, and can be withdrawn at any time. If you're nervous about mess you are welcome to douche. Warm soapy water is best, as is doing it in the shower. Fill the pump bit, insert the tube, squeeze the water into your butt, remove the tube and wait for exiting water to run clear. Repeat if needed.

And again, regardless of whether it's your first or your fiftieth time, your most important anal companion is lube. Lots and lots of lube (see below for my recommendations).

Levelling Up 

Honestly the best first-time anal toy you really ever need is a finger or tongue. Stroking and licking and gently manipulating the area is the best way to start getting used to all the sensations and feelings, but as the point of "training" is to get ready and comfortable with more, you're probably going to need to go shopping at some stage too. One of the best tools to have in your arsenal (no pun intended!) is an actual anal training kit. This is a specific set of (usually 3) butt plugs that range from small and slim, to larger and wider, and are made especially for you to get used to bigger and wider toys, as well as longer times using them.

They can come in a range of materials, weights, and sizes, and can be really reasonably priced compared to other sex toys on the market these days.

Safety First 

There are some absolutely necessary safety measures you must take when indulging in anal play. Of course there are all the usual ones that come with sex. Always make sure you have informed, enthusiastic consent from your play partners. Make sure you use protection, and get yourself regularly tested. And lock the door if your kids or housemates are home. But when it comes to anal toys they must always have a flared base wider than that widest part of the toy. Losing it inside the butt can be an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Always use lots of lube, but NEVER use stuff that contains anything that will numb the area. Firstly what's the point if you can't feel it? But secondly and way more importantly, the butt is delicate and sensitive for a reason, and numbing that space so you can't tell if something is hurting or tearing or even worse is incredibly dangerous. 

There are other things you can use to make it easier and more comfortable.... Which takes me to my lube recommendations 

Lubey Lube!

When it comes to anal play I usually always recommend using silicone based lube. This is because there isn't much natural or constant lubrication that happens in the butt, and silicone lube lasts heaps longer than water based lube, and doesn't get absorbed into the skin. It can have a few drawbacks though. Mainly leaving stains on certain materials and not being compatible with some silicone toys, but these days most toys made are of super high quality medical grade silicone, and silicone lubes aren't as damaging on them as they used to be. 

The Pjur Analyse Me lubes are always my number one recommendation for whatever type of anal play you want to do. Their lubes have been specifically designed for anal play and there's a whole range of different types, with ingredients for both comfort, relaxation, and pleasure encompassed in the liquid, without using dangerous numbing agents.

I truly believe learning and experiencing new things is what makes life interesting and worth living.

Sure, that can mean learning a new language or trying out an extreme sport, but it can also mean opening up your sexual world and indulging all your dirty little fantasies... Like trying a different, bigger, better, wider, heavier butt plug every time, and discovering all of the incredibly delicious and orgasmic sensations your butt is capable of.


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    More than a month ago

    Good Information and easy to understand

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    Perfect. Thanks

  • Itsasmile


    More than a month ago

    Can different types of lube cause a condom to degrade (break)?

    • DeliciousEva


      More than a month ago

      Yes. Oil based lubes (yes even coconut oil) aren't the best for latex condoms.
      A lot of the hybrid oil ones will claim they're latex friendly, but I'd always be safer than sorry.
      Water based or silicone won't damage a condom.
      Although some silicone lube can affect the surface of silicone toys.
      Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I enjoyed reading your article and hopefully will make my anal sex enjoyable

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