Amie Wee is a rabble arousing, professional pervert, whose career highlights include: directing pregnancy porn, having her hair pulled by Nina Hartley, and she was once even paid for a freelance writing job in the form of a 52 kilogram sex doll.

When Amie isn’t writing about sex or reviewing sex toys for Penthouse magazine, she makes art under the alias Hey Weeirdo and produces and performs at Sydney’s underground fight club of performance art Rule 34 Club.

Articles by Amie Wee

Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

Amie Wee - 2 August 2019    25 comments

I try and be the nice guy and end up being friend zoned or treated like the gay best friend... do I have to pretend to be a dickhead and start downing protein powder and taking gym selfies just to meet a woman?